Document Controller / Katy, TX


Document Controller will store, manage, and maintain company documents, while ensuring all accuracy and quality.  This job includes tasks such as processing documents for revision and approval, organizing documents from conception to distribution and filing, and help create and enforce systems which can then be used to train staff on document control processes.

Requirements / Must Haves

  • Manage and maintain all controlled company documents
  • Update and control procedure documents and forms when needed
  • Create and manage document hierarchy and process systems
  • Take charge of all document identification, classification and filing
  • Frequently conduct document audits confirming they are current and accurate
  • Ensure revised documents are always accessible
  • Conform to company enforced specifications and Document Control Procedures
  • Enforce company’s-controlled document processes to ensure correct handling of documents from the ground up
  • Oversee document through its entire lifecycle (inception to archival)
  • Check and edit incoming documents and prepare for distribution
  • Create document filing and organizing systems that are both effective and efficient
  • Ensure proper organization and security of all documents
  • Help retrieve documents as needed for employees
  • Make available, notify and distribute documents to relevant recipients
  • Collaborate and communicate with managers and project leaders daily

Skills / Qualifications

  • Detail oriented work ethic
  • Extremely organized and efficient
  • Proven skill for implementing and overseeing controlled document processes
  • Works well under pressure
  • Strong oral and written communication skills
  • Strong eye for catching error and enacting appropriate changes
  • Ability to prioritize and delegate tasks
  • Outstanding time-management
  • Strong interpersonal & communication skills
  • Archival experience
  • Proficient in document management systems such as SharePoint, Oracle or ShareFile and/or other document management software and web-based tools
  • Skilled user of Adobe and Microsoft Suite


Katy, TX


Engineering Services

Job Type

Full Time

Years of Experience

Not Specified

Education Level

Bachelor's Degree Preferred