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By smoothly integrating information technology with return on investment (ROI) goals, CAM engineering, automation, and controls experts help our clients harness the full value of their asset, while accelerating high-performance operations.   

Instrumentation and Electrical Field Services

  • Installation & Construction 

  • Maintenance & Inspection

  • Troubleshooting & Field Repair

  • Site Engineering

Project Support

  • Operations and Maintenance Training

  • System Maintenance and Lifecycle Planning

  • Management of Change (MOC) Procedures

  • SIS Interval Testing Plan and Procedures

  • On-Call Support Plans

Control System Design and Fabrication

  • Overall System Architecture Design

  • Control Narratives

  • Cause and Effects (C&Es)

  • Control Panel Design and I/O Loop Drawings

  • Control Panel Fabrication 

  • PLC/PAC/RTU Configuration and Programming

  • SCADA/HMI Application Development

  • Pneumatic/Hydraulic Wellhead Control Panels

Packaged Systems

  • Hydraulic Power Units (HPUs)  

  • BOP Closure Units

  • Power Distribution Racks and Buildings

  • Analyzer Racks and Buildings/Shelters

Your projects benefit from CAM's Automation & Controls Solutions.

Automation and Control

  • Process Control Systems (PCS)

  • Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS)

  • Fire and Gas

  • Burner Management Systems (BMS)

Industrial Communications

  • Networking

  • Cyber-security

Information Systems

  • SCADA/HMI Applications

  • Database Applications

  • Report and Data Analysis Tools

  • Alarm Management

  • Servers and Clients

Security Systems

  • Access Control

  • Video Surveillance

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