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Delivering efficient, sustainable, and integrated solutions with your Net Zero goals in mind.

CAM supports both traditional oil & gas and renewable/clean energy clients while supporting ESG/GHG & Net Zero initiatives.


CAM provides our clients value through our “fully integrated” solutions offering a wide range of services, from concept to in-service, including FEED, detailed engineering and design, procurement, fabrication, project & construction management, field support, automation & controls, and commissioning.


CAM recognizes and continuously adapts to the evolving energy industry with our focus on bringing our integrated and lean delivery model to the next generation of energy.

Natural Gas

CAM's detailed menu of RNG services:

  • Pre-FEED, FEED, Detailed Engineering and As-Built Design

  • Construction Management

  • Project Management

  • Procurement

  • Equipment Skid Fabrication

  • Survey

  • Inspection

  • Project Controls

  • Cost Controls

  • Project Scheduling

  • Document Control

  • Risk Management

  • Mapping/Drafting/GIS

  • Operating Philosophy

  • Safety Reviews

  • Permitting Support

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Solar Wellhead Controller 2_edited.jpg

CAM's Multi-service Solar Solutions Include:

Engineering Services

  • Feasibility Studies and Front End Engineering and Design (FEED)​

    • Survey and Area Utilization Studies​

    • PV Study

    • Environmental and Regulatory Assessments

  • Detailed Engineering and Design​

    • Grading & Drainage​

    • Electrical Power

    • Substations

    • Instrumentation & Automation

    • Security and Access Control

  • Project Management​

CAM Solar Project Interface

  • GIS based project tracking software​

  • Engineering, procurement, and construction dashboards:

    • Graphic schedule, cost, and inventory status​

  • Real time map-based graphic construction tracker

  • User friendly field data entry

  • Project reports

Fabrication & Automation

  • Rectifier / Switchgear / Transformer / Skid Packages

  • Control Enclosures

  • Power & Control Racks

  • Instrument & Control Panels

  • Piles & Rack Structures

Construction & Construction Management

  • Full EPC with trusted partners

  • On site construction management and project reporting


Areas of Expertise:

  • Utility Scale Solar Farms

    • 10MW and Larger​

    • Tracking and Fixed Array

    • Dual Purpose Sites

  • Reliability/Back-up Power​

    • 1-5MW​

    • Pipeline Operations

    • Manufacturing

    • Municipal Facilities


Helping our clients achieve their goals:

Emission Reduction

CAM is dedicated to helping our clients meet their Net-Zero and Zero Routine Flaring goals. With sustainable engineering in design, we can integrate your objectives from the start to make achieving your targets possible.

Emission Reduction - EcoVaopr - zero2-multiple-tanks2.jpg

Why CAM?

We have adapted our stellar project execution and delivery to match the market climate and found new ways to integrate our findings into our other business lines. CAM has now begun to tailor and streamline our strategy and execution model so that we can continue to provide a multi-service delivery that is both lean and robust.

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