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Our people, their passion, and an organization commitment to a culture of excellence are the differentiators that validate CAM as the preferred choice among our peers.

We believe in surrounding ourselves with the best talent available and empowering them with “owner mentality.” This attracts the best professionals in their class who lead the industry in efficient, fit-for-purpose delivery of engineered solutions. Our team consists of experts from a diverse pool of engineering firms who combine their vast knowledge to deliver project success. This unique and expansive resource structure enables us to provide our clients with a huge selection of services and resources, from basic construction initiatives, to complex engineering support.

CAM’s lean concept and project approach empowers team members and subject matter experts to fully engage and apply individual attributes to obtain repeatable results for the industry’s simple or complex projects.


Our company is our family, which is why we started the "CAM FAM".

Every six months a new CAM FAM leader and team is selected to plan the social and philanthropic events of our organization. The committee is comprised of employees from various departments and locations to ensure the company culture is strong in each and every part of CAM. Working closely with our CEO, the CAM FAM oversees the planning of our annual Crawfish Boil, Christmas Party, Holiday Potlucks, and numerous socials and charity events throughout the year. 

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