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We leverage a wealth of engineering expertise into efficient facilities solutions. While each facilities project has its own set of challenges, CAM's goal remains simple: to successfully develop and execute  projects as safely and as cost-effective as possible.


CAM provides the most detailed menu of facilities services including:

Engineering and Design of:

  • Compressor Stations

  • Pump Stations

  • Salt Water Disposal Facilities

  • NGL and Liquids Delivery and Storage

  • Metering Stations

  • Tank Batteries

  • Central Facilities

    • Inlet Treating and Dehydration

    • Natural Gas Processing / Separation Facilities

    • Amine Plants

    • Condensate Stabilization and NGL Treating

    • Trucking Loadout and Storage

    • Chemical Injection Systems

Additional Services:

  • FEED/FEL Studies (FEL-0 through FEL-3)

  • Total Installed Cost Estimates

  • Permitting Support (Environmental, DOT, County)

  • Review and Compliance with Latest Regulations and Industry Standards

  • As Built Walkdowns and Site Reconnaissance

  • Construction Scopes Of Work (SOW); Including Bill Of Materials (BOM)

  • Develop Design Basis Memorandum (DBM)

  • Develop Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

  • Develop Preventative Maintenance Plans/Inspection Plans with CAM Field Services

  • Develop Dewatering, Cleaning, and Hydrotest Plans

  • Specify Materials, RFQs, and

  • PHA/HAZOP Coordination

  • Balance of Plant Integrations

  • Turn-Around / Shut-In Planning, Scheduling, and Engineering

  • Operator Training

CAM’s mission is to support our clients looking for more efficient solutions to design and complete their facilities projects.


Project Management

  • Project Schedule

  • Status Reporting/KPIs, Schedules, etc.

  • Engineering Job Book Assembly


  • Control Narrative

  • Cause and Effect

  • Control Panel BOM, Layouts, and Wiring

  • Instrument Location Plans

  • I/O List

  • Instrument Datasheets

  • Instrument Index

  • Technical Bid Evaluations

  • As-Built Drawings



  • Electrical and Instrumentation Symbols and Legend

  • 480 VAC One Lines

  • Area Classification and Details

  • Cable Tray Plans and Installation Details

  • Conduit Notes and Details

  • Electrical Drawing Index

  • Conduit and Power Plans

  • Electrical Installation Details

  • Grounding Plans and Installation Details

  • Lighting Plans and Photometrics

  • Electrical Station Lighting Details

  • Conduit and Cable Schedule

  • Panel Schedules

  • Wiring Drawings

  • Motor Schematics

  • Junction Box Layouts

  • Load List

  • Arc Flash Study

  • Load Flow Analysis

  • Relay Coordination Study

  • Short Circuit Analysis

  • As-Built Drawings

  • Technical Bid Evaluations

Mechanical Piping

  • Plot Plan

  • Key Plan

  • Equipment List

  • Line List

  • SP Items List

  • Valve List

  • Piping Plan Drawings

  • Piping Isometrics

  • Weld Inch Report

  • Piping BOM

  • Stress Analysis

  • Technical Bid Evaluations

  • As-Built Drawings



  • Flare and Vent Stack Sizing

  • PHA Planning, Preparation, and Coordination

  • Start-up and Operating Manuals

  • Operator Training

  • Piping and Instrument Diagrams

  • PSV Calculations

  • Heat and Material Balance

  • Blowdown Volume Calculations

  • Line Sizing Calculations

  • As-Built Drawings



  • General Civil and Concrete Notes

  • Site Plan

  • Grading and Draining Plan and Details

  • Site Road Plan, Section, and Details

  • Fencing Plan and Details

  • Piping/Conduit Corridor Trench Location Plan

  • Foundation Overall Key Plan, Location Plans, and Details

  • Structural: Typical Details, Steel Location Plan, and Overall Key Plan

  • Calculations Package

  • As-Built Drawings

Typical facilities elements from CAM include flowlines, pipelines, manifolds, tank batteries, compressor stations, pumping/water disposal stations, and other general oil/water/gas separation, dehydration, storage, sales, metering, conditioning, and processing facilities.
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