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We turn pipeline challenges into cost-effective and

efficient solutions.

Many variables impact pipeline construction and its ancillary equipment. CAM’s mission is to support our clients looking for more efficient solutions to design and complete their pipeline projects. We recognize that the shift from conventional to unconventional oil & gas production has created inefficiencies leading to “over engineering” in the current services market. Our proprietary methodology assures a fit-for-purpose and efficient project with safe on-time and on-budget project delivery.

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CAM provides Full Service Project Management or task specific activities for your projects, inclusive of:

  • Project Planning

  • Cost Estimating / Risk Analysis

  • Engineering/Design

  • GIS / Mapping and Analytics

  • CAD Mapping and Drafting

  • Document Management

  • Procurement Services 

  • Construction Management & Inspection

  • Survey

  • Right-of-Way

Pipelines require dedicated capital resources to projects that are fixed to the ground, thus immobile, yet it takes decades of operation to recover the initial investment. Efficient, safe, and cost-effective engineering expertise with experience from CAM helps our clients receive the actual return on investment (ROI) to match their expected ROI.

Integration of Technology:

  • Collaboration and Visualization Platforms

    • Platform used for team collaboration and document management.

    • WebMap provides near real time visual project information (centerline, alternatives, landowner, environmental, photos, & permits)

    • Pipeline Preliminary Geographic Information System (GIS) “Desktop” Routing Analysis

Integration of Operations

  • Develop Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

  • In-depth Reviews to Ensure Compliance with Current Regulations and Industry Standards

Integration of Construction:

  • Planning

    • Access, Footprint, crossing methodology, material staging yards

  • Construction Bid Packages

    • Contractor Qualifications, Commercial/Technical Evaluations

    • Scope of Work (SOW)

    • Construction Specifications (Welding, Coating, Dewatering, Cleaning, and Hydrotest, etc)​

CAM’s project team includes our full range of pipeline services:


  • Design of Pipeline Systems

    • All commodities (Oil, Gas, NGL, CO2, Water, etc)

    • Gathering

    • Transmission

  • Design of Mainline Valves (MLVs)

  • Design of Launcher and Receiver Systems

  • Design of Interconnects, Manifolds, and Riser

  • Design of Metering Stations

Crossing Permit Drawings

  • Roads and Highways

  • Railroads

  • Environmental or Archeological Areas

Civil Drawings

  • Pipe Support Foundation Details

  • Foundation Location Plans

  • Grading and Drainage Plans

  • Material Specification Notes

Procurement Support

  • Specify Materials and Prepare Purchase Orders (POs)

  • Expediting

  • Receiving & Invoice Reconciliation


  • Alignment Sheets

  • Pipeline Schematics

  • Hydrotest Profile Drawings

  • Class Location Drawings

  • Fabrication Drawings

Site Specific and Horizontal

  • Directional Drilling (HDD) Drawings

Construction and Environmental “Typical” Drawings

  • Right Of Way (ROW) Layout Dimensions

  • Waterbody Crossings

  • Dewatering Structures and Erosion Control

  • Wetland Construction Reseeding Road Access Pads

  • Fencing

  • Warning Signs and Aerial Markers

  • Pipe Coating, Grounding, and Test Stations

  • Pipeline Crossings

Electrical and Instrumentation Drawings

  • Instrument & Electrical Installation Details

  • Lighting and Grounding Plans

  • One Line Diagrams

  • Wiring Diagrams

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